Wolfgang Schiele established his workshop in Munich, Germany, in 1990. His service offerings include the making of new instruments, the repair and sound improve­ment as well as the restoration of old instru­ments.
Individual advice for repair and sound improvement is the important basis in the work with his customers.
In addition, he offers a rental system for high quality violins, violas and cellos in all sizes.

Geige von Wolfgang Schiele Bratsche von Wolfgang Schiele Cello von Wolfgang Schiele

New Instruments

Wolfgang Schiele builds his instruments in the very tradition of 17th century Italian violin making, the blossom of Cremonese violin making with Amati, Stradivari and Guarneri as the most outstanding repre­sen­tatives.
His violins, violas and cellos are highly estimated by both professional musicians and ambitious amateur players at home and abroad. Each of his instruments is individually made. Their sound is well-balanced and they present a colorful timbre as well as a very high resonance.

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Come and visit my violin, designed and crafted based on the principles of the Golden Section, in the exhibition
Göttlich Golden Genial.
Weltformel Goldener Schnitt?
September 9, 2016 to February 26, 2017

in the Museum for Communication Berlin.


Viola made by Wolfgang Schiele

Model: Antonio and Hieronymus Amati, 1592 / golden section, 2012, body length: 42.0 cm


Violin made by Wolfgang Schiele

Model: Nicola Amati / golden section, 2015


Violin made by Wolfgang Schiele

Model: Guarneri „ex Kochanski“, 2015


Violin made by Wolfgang Schiele

Model: Nicola Amati, 2015

Baroque violin

Baroque violin made by Wolfgang Schiele

Model: Nicola Amati / golden section, 2003

Baroque viola

Baroque viola made by Wolfgang Schiele

Model: golden section, 2004


Wolfgang Schiele in his violin making workshop

Since 2001 Lectures on the subject »Golden Section in Cremonese Violin Making« (most recently in 2013 for the »Verband Deutscher Geigenbauer und Bogenmacher« and 2014 for the »Schweizer Verband der Geigenbauer und Bogenmacher«)
2000–2003 Research about the golden section in Cremonese violins
May 1997 Co-organizer of the exhibition »GEIGENBAU HEUTE« at the Münchner Stadtmuseum
August 1990 Opening of his own workshop in Munich, Germany
June 1988–June 1990 Head of workshop for P. Biddulph in London, England
May 1988 Degree of german master violin maker
1985–1987 P. & W. Moes in New York, USA
Sept. 1983–Dec. 1984 J. Dariel in Paris, France
Oct. 1982–Aug. 1983 Bodart et Dariel in Besançon, France
1979–1982 Training at the violin making school in Mittenwald, Germany
1959 Born in Berlin, Germany